Complete Flight Control System

* Supports wide range of vehicle types. Planes, Coptes, VTOL

* Fully autonomus mission

* Support Ardupilot firmware

*Auto sensor, mechanical failure  detection and recovery system.

* Wireless communication with tablets.

* Wifi camera triggering for Sony Cameras, Sequoia, Gopro 

* + 5km data link 

* RTK  GPS support

* Payload support

* External sensor support. Lidar, radar distance sensor etc

* Video streaming (coming soon)

* Youtube streaming (coming soon)

Ground Control Station

* Simple user interface

* No Piloting skills required.

* iOS tablets supported. (Windows,Android vesion coming soon)

*Ideal for surveying, mapping & surveillance tasks

* Automatic geotagging

* KML file support

* Pre-flight safety checks prior to launch.

* Terrain Follow

* Survey path planning for windy weather.

* Access to flight log on tablet

Automatic Landing

Drone lands itself precisely to the selected area from selected angle.

Easy API

Develop drone applications with very easy to use Dronee API's.

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