Powerful and Intuitive Software for Managing Drones Operations


KML / Shape file support

The import and route creation from customer provided KML data 

Terrain Follow

DRONEE enables drones to follow terrain, vehicle  automatically maintain a relatively constant altitude above ground level. When "terrain follow" enabled, Dronee app downloads elevation data of the area from Google Maps and automatically adjusts the mission point flight altitude to keep the relative altitude constand from the ground. This required 3G internet access on tablet.

Offline Mission Planning

DRONEE allows users to plan the flight mission in offline mode and to save the mission 

Continue to Mission after Battery Change.

 DRONEE enables aircraft to resume flights from a certain waypoint after battery change.

Build for safe flight

Dronee built with in auto fail detection that detecs any failier in the system  before the flight to keep the flight safe.

Manual Control

In case of any emergency pilot can take the control in any time during the mission. When pilot holds the finger on joystic, drone automatically switches to semi-autonomous flight mode. When pilot release the finger from joystick, drone continiues to mission in autonomous mode. 

Power Drones with Dronee

Dronee  makes aerial surveys and mapping as easy and effortless as possible. Choose one of the pre-installed cameras pre-sets or create a new one to suit your camera. Dronee software will automatically calculate the flight path, altitude based on the camera settings. Alternatively, survey parameters, sidelap,overlap can be adjusted manually.

Dronee allows to generate and suvey multiple survey areas in single mission.

Corridor Mapping

Corridor Mapping tool allows user to easily generate mission to survey roads, coastal lines, borders effortlesly, just by adding point over the line, Dronee will automatically jenerate fligt plane to scan the line.

Post-flight analysis and Image processing

log analyser


Analyse drone flight log with in-browser DRONEE PLOTTER. Supports Ardupilot and PX4 flight log. DRONEE PLOTTER makes flight log analysing and sharing  super simple,  inside the browser.



DRONEE has an in-browser geotagging tool, allowing to sync the timestamps of the images with the GPS data recorded during the flight. After matching the geotags with coordinates and correct altitudes, the images can be used for the further processing. 

Live video stream

-Video record

-Image capture

-Youtube streaming

-Gimbal control

Auto Landing

DRONEE enable user  to select aircraft landing point and landing approach angle right from tablet screen, and aircaft will loiter to 50 meter atitude from mission altitiude and starts to land from selcted landing angle, all by itself.